Moves to Achieve Toned, Defined Thighs

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Strong, defined legs and thighs start by engaging certain muscles groups that you’re probably overlooking. For most people, the lower body is harder to tone than the upper body. But as long as you are consistent, you too can achieve toned, powerful legs! Never miss a leg day with these simple yet effective leg exercises:

Split Squat

The split squat engages the quads and the glutes. To start, stand with your back facing a chair. You should be at least two feet away from it. Put your hands on your hips and bend your left leg. The top of the left foot should be resting on the chair seat.

Now, do a squat. Bend your right leg at a 90-degree angle. Keep the knees over the ankle. To increase the resistance, do half a squat after a full squat. Do at least 15 reps, alternating between the left and right leg.

Sissy Squat

The sissy squat targets the calves, hamstrings, and quads. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. The chair should be placed on your right side. Now, hold the seat’s back. Rise up by moving your heels up. Once you are on tiptoes, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Your torso should be at 45 degrees. Pull your belly button to engage the abdominal muscles. Hold the position for several seconds then return to the starting position. Do about 15 to 20 reps.

Pistol Squat

Start by going on a deep squat. The butt should be close the heels of the feet. Keep the back straight and then lie down with your feet hip width apart. Bend your knees then slowly hold onto your ankles. Start rolling your body into a deep squat position. Now keep one leg straight. Pop yourself up with your bent leg.

Start popping yourself a little higher every time you roll yourself up. Now alternate to the opposite direction. Stand up and then go into a squat position. Keep one leg straight as you roll your body down into a supine position.

Goblet Squat

Because the goblet squat uses weights, it will define the inner thighs, the hamstrings, and the quads. It will also tone the tush!

Start by standing with the feet wider than shoulder-width apart. The toes should be pointed outwards. Now, hold a single dumbbell vertically with both hands. Place your hands in front of the chest. Keep the elbows bent to the sides.

Do a squat by bending at a 90-degree angle. To increase the resistance, try to jump slightly after rising out of a squat. Do at least 15 reps.

Single Leg Touchdowns

Stand by balancing yourself on one leg. The posture should be neutral. Do not arch your back or round up the shoulders. Now, gradually bend at the hips, knees and ankle. Reach down by touching the outside of your supporting leg’s foot with the opposing hand.

Keeping the torso tight, go back to the starting position. The key is to move slowly so the muscles are squeezed in. This also helps keep the balance. If you can’t reach all the way down to your toes, try reaching the mid-shin instead.

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