Moves to Expand the Chest Area

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The hallmark of a well-toned, defined body is a sculpted chest. That’s why building a wide, solid chest is a must if you are working out. Developing the pecs will take a lot of work. Essentially, you want to focus on targeting the pecs through a full range of motion for optimal results. Also, you want to develop the antagonist muscles to achieve a balanced physique. So don’t focus on the pecs alone. You want to tone the triceps and biceps too! We’re listing down great chest workout to help you achieve an enviable chest.

When starting out, the focus should be the bone structure of your chest. You want to boost your bone’s density in order to build muscles. That’s because you will be putting a lot of weight on the upper body. You want a solid frame for your muscles! Deep breath holds and breathing squats target the pecs. These moves will grow and lengthen the chest muscles. They will trigger the expansion of the muscles and encouraging connecting tissues to enlarge.

Deep Breath Holds

To perform the deep breath hold, clasp your hands in front of your waist. Now take the deepest breath you can do and hold it. As you hold your breath, raise your clasp hands in front of you. Move your arms to the sides against the resistance of your clasped hands. Hold this position for as long as you can and slowly release the air. Do at least 10 reps.

Breathing Squats

To do the breathing squats, take a deep breath and go into a squat position. As you squat, be sure to keep the knees parallel to the ankles. Gradually release your breath as you move yourself back up. Do at least 20 reps. Up for a challenge? You can also add weights to your squats to increase resistance. Place the weights on your shoulders or use dumbbells. Start at a reasonable weight so you won’t strain the muscles. Gradually increase the weight as you progress with your routine.

Floor Pullovers

Pullovers work to build strength and broaden the chest. This move also targets the connective tissues. Start by choosing weights that’s reasonable for you.

Now, lie face up on the floor. Keep the knees bent and the back flat against the floor. Now, hold the weight above your head with your elbows slightly bent. Slowly straighten your elbows to lift the weight above your head. Let your arms fall back slowly. Each time you lift the weight, pull your abdominal muscles. Do at least 15 reps.

Expanding the Chest Muscles

Many moves expand the chest muscles. You should work on targeting the pecs for at least two months. But don’t stick to a single routine. You want to mix up your moves to train the muscles. We recommend alternating between chest dips and standing military presses every workout.

Again, don’t start off with heavy weights. You want to begin your workout with reasonable weight so you won’t be too sore the next morning. For each move, do at least 5 sets of 5 reps. You can increase the weights gradually.

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