Natural Remedies to Prevent Water Retention

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Edema is a condition wherein body fluids build up unnaturally in various parts of the body. It occurs when water becomes stuck within the tissues and organs. Edema or water retention is often caused by an underlying medical condition. This medical condition could be heart disease, kidney issues or liver disease. Edema also occurs during pregnancy or as side effect to a certain drug.

Symptoms of Edema

The most common symptoms of edema are swelling, bloating or puffiness in various parts of the body. This condition affects the kidney’s functions. When it comes to treating water retention, it’s best to go all natural. This way, the remedy won’t aggravate the state of the underlying medical condition. We recommend talking to your doctor before treating this condition on your own.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Water Retention

Cut Back on Sodium

The most common cause of edema is high sodium level in the body. Usually, the body is able to regulate salt. But if the salt level from the food you eat is too high, the kidneys will not be able to achieve balanced sodium level. Some people are unable to rid themselves of extra salt and this is how bloating starts. By cutting back on sodium, you minimize the likelihood of developing edema.

Start by learning which kinds of food are high in salt. Processed foods contain hidden sodium. So always check the label. If the sodium level is too high, pass on it.

Boost Potassium Consumption

Potassium is an essential nutrient that aids in regulating body fluids. It also helps balance the electrolytes in the system. Electrolytes cut the risk of edema by distributing water evenly throughout the tissues. In addition, potassium also stimulates the kidneys so toxins are eliminated as waste. If you want to boost your potassium consumption, start with bananas. Bananas are naturally high in this mineral. Raisins, dried apricots, and avocados are also high in potassium. So are sunflower seeds and cocoa powder!


You can prevent water retention by eating foods with beneficial bacteria! Yogurt contains lactobacillus, a type of beneficial bacteria that keeps the gut healthy. Yogurt also restores the natural flora of the digestive tract and this minimizes gas and bloating. Do note that not all yogurt products are the same. You want to eat a cup of plain, unsweetened low-fat yogurt!


Don’t think you have to stop drinking water to prevent water retention! Boost your water intake to flush out toxins in the kidneys. By keeping the kidneys clean, they are able to regulate water and salt from the body. This limits the buildup of excess fluids in the tissues.

Eat Vitamin A and C Rich Foods

Vitamin A and C help balance the fluid levels in the body. There are cases wherein leaky capillaries would release water into the tissues. When this happens, the affected area becomes swollen. Vitamin A and C work in unison to strengthen the capillary walls. This prevents leaks that go straight into the tissues. Foods that are high in vitamin A and C include most kinds of cruciferous vegetables, carrots, berries, citrus, and pumpkin.

Exercise Daily

In some cases, edema is triggered by immobility. By gradually exercising, you decrease the likelihood of water retention. You don’t have to perform rigorous exercise either. Start with simple calisthenics and then slowly moving to cardio workout. Walking and running are also a great workout to prevent edema.

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