Papaya Leaves, Flowers and Seeds Health Benefits

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Papaya is a flowering fruit of the plant Carica papaya. This plant belongs to the Carica genus and is native to tropical Americas. The papaya plant is cultivated for its fruit, which is the third most popular tropical fruits in the US. Papaya fruit has since become an important agricultural export for developing countries.

No doubt about it, the papaya fruit is loaded with essential nutrients but did you know its flowers and seeds are just as beneficial to the health? In today’s post, we are giving you tips on how to use papaya flowers and seeds as treatment for various ailments:

Prevent Arthritis and Rheumatism

Crushed papaya flowers, seeds, and leaves are often used to soothe inflammation and manage pain. If you suffer from gout, arthritis, and rheumatism, create a poultice using papaya leaves and seeds. Just wrap the crushed leaves and seeds in a muslin cloth. Apply the poultice to the affected area for 20 minutes until the pain goes away.

Treat Digestive Discomforts and Stomach Cramps

If an upset stomach keeps you up all night, boil dried papaya leaves and strain. Sweeten the liquid with honey and take it as a tea. The bioactive in papaya leaves will bring down inflammation and dull the pain. Papaya tea is also a great remedy for all types of digestive discomforts including bloating, flatulence, dyspepsia, and gas pains.

Treat Burns, Cuts, and Abrasion

The milky white sap from the papaya leaves is a powerful healing agent. It will soothe skin abrasion and repair damaged the skin. Just crush the papaya leaves into a paste. Apply the paste on rashes, abrasion, burns, rashes and even insect bites. It’s also an effective treatment for ulcers and skin infection. The sap helps constrict the blood vessels to stop bleeding.

Improve Platelet Count

Crushed papaya leaves and flowers contain essential compounds that boost the platelet count. That’s why in tropical Asia, papaya leaves and flowers are used as treatment for dengue fever. Dengue is an often fatal mosquito-borne infection caused by the dengue virus. As a dengue treatment, the leaves and flowers of papaya are crushed, dried and then boiled into a tea.

Kill Intestinal Parasites

The same milky sap that heals skin abrasion also kills most types of parasitic worms and other microorganisms in the digestive tract. Simply gather the sap from papaya flowers and leaves and drink the stuff.

Even Out the Skin Tone

If you have blemished skin or uneven skin tone, papaya fruit and leaf extracts will whiten the skin and improve its texture. It works just as effectively as any commercial whitening soaps or lotions! That’s why papaya soap is such a popular beauty product in Asia. The natural extracts of papaya leaves and fruits will bleach the skin without irritation. It’s completely mild and safe even for those with sensitive skin.

Even better, papaya extracts treat cystic acne and prevent breakouts. It also regulates oil production to dry out pimples and prevent inflammation.

Regulates Menstruation

Did you know grounded papaya seeds can help promote or regulate menstruation? If you suffer from any disorders related to menstruation, tea made from papaya flowers, papaya seeds and leaves should help improve your condition.

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