Permanent Makeup: Important Factors to Consider Before Getting One

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Permanent makeup refers to several procedures to enhance certain parts of the face. It requires a process called micro-pigmentation. This process involved a tattoo pen to inject ink into the skin. Permanent makeup can be applied on the lips as a lip liner or lipstick, on the eyebrows and as eyeliner. This procedure can also create permanent cheek blush or eye shadow.

Each procedure takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on the area you’re having done. The procedure can brighten or darken the areas permanently. Because this is a permanent procedure, there are important factors to consider. Also, this procedure carries certain risks.

Advantages of Permanent Makeup

Simplifies Your Beauty Routine

Having permanent lipstick, eyebrow tint, eye liner or even blush cuts your beauty routine in half. You don’t have to spend a lot of time primping every morning.

Saves More Money on Makeup

Because makeup is permanently applied on the face, there’s no need to buy more cosmetics. You don’t have to worry about wastage either. You don’t need to replace expired beauty products at all, helping you save more money.

Flawless Makeup Application

You never have to worry about wonky eyeliner or messy lipstick ever again. Your makeup will remain flawless and pristine for years.

Can Mask Physical Flaws

You can use permanent makeup to mask physical flaws like uneven skin due to vitiligo or severe scarring. You can cover up old wounds, and even discolored skin from a birth mark.

Disadvantages of Permanent Makeup

Allergic Reaction

Some people can be sensitive to the ink used to create permanent makeup. And if such is the case, the procedure can easily escalate to severe scarring, swelling and skin irritation. Worse, some tattoo pigments are not regulated by the FDA. The agency leaves it up to the state to regulate these products.

Changes in Skin Texture

The skin is not static, but permanent makeup is. As we age, the skin will sag, become looser. And when you applied permanent makeup on certain areas of the face, it will distort the face years later. For example, applying permanent eyebrows in your youth might be a good idea now. But when you reach 60, the skin around the brows will sag. This will bring your permanent brows down, leaving you with an odd expression on your face that’s completely irreversible.

Health Risks

Dirty needle is one of the main causes of chronic diseases like hepatitis C and HIV. And some tattoo artists are not forthcoming about how clean their tools are to customers. There is always the danger of contracting deadly diseases from getting a tattoo.

It’s Expensive

One procedure can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000. The rates will shoot up if it’s done by a cosmetic surgeon trained in the procedure or a certified, licensed tattoo artist. Certain styles are also more expensive than other permanent makeup.

Just because it’s permanent does not mean you don’t have to maintain the makeup. Every several years, the tattoo will require touch-ups. And touch-ups can be just as expensive as getting permanent makeup for the first time.

In Conclusion

It’s tempting to wake up to flawlessly made up face every morning. However, permanent makeup should not be done impulsively. Before getting it done, educate yourself. Learn about the risks and benefits of the procedure so you know what to expect after the treatment. Remember, the makeup will remain on your face long after its novelty fades.

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