Persimmon Vinegar Health Benefits and Preparations

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Persimmon vinegar may not be popular in western countries but in most Asian countries, it’s a high-demand health food that can be prepared in different ways. As the name implies, persimmon vinegar is derived from persimmon, an orange- or red-colored fruit belonging to the Ebenaceae family. This sweet, Asian delicacy is native to China but has since spread to other parts of Asia — particularly Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

On its own, persimmon fruit is a rich source of vitamin A, B6, and C. It’s packed with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium as well as fiber. It’s also low in calories and virtually no fat content so it’s popular among dieters.

Persimmon extracts are often fermented and turned to health tonics and vinegar. It’s traditionally used to cleanse the liver and the blood. Persimmon vinegar is characterized for its brown color and distinctive sweet/sour taste.

Health Benefits of Persimmon Vinegar

It Prevents Liver and Intestinal Damage

Persimmon vinegar is a powerful liver detoxifier. That’s why heavy drinkers in Korea are advised to consume persimmon vinegar regularly!

A 2008 study conducted by two Korean scientists for the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of Chonbuk National University concludes that persimmon vinegar helps prevent damage in the liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It also prevents the onset of liver cirrhosis in its early stages and alcoholic hepatitis. The same study reports that persimmon vinegar also helps prevent intestinal disorders.

It Lowers Bad Cholesterol in the Body

Regular consumption of persimmon vinegar also lowers bad cholesterol in the body and total cholesterol in the liver. Persimmon vinegar contains compounds that reduce triglyceride in the system. Triglyceride is a type of fat burned off by the body for fuel.

Although the right level of triglyceride is good for health, too much of it could cause a range of heart diseases. The normal level of triglyceride in the body has to be below 150. People with high levels of triglyceride in the body are advised to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet. Taking persimmon vinegar is a great way to start eliminating bad cholesterol from the body.

It Helps Enhance Endurance and Stamina

Persimmon vinegar is often used in place of commercial sports drinks because it’s known to enhance stamina. Many Asian athletes take persimmon vinegar, believing that the tonic can help increase oxygen intake during training and shortens recovery time.

Clinical tests also show that persimmon vinegar used as a sports drink can help enhance vitality, prevent fatigue, and increase endurance.

It Prevents Obesity

If you’re trying to lose weight, then persimmon vinegar may help you melt away excess fat faster. A research conducted by scientists from the Chonbuk National University, the Woosuk University, and Inje University conclude that persimmon vinegar contains potent fat-burning properties. It not only prevents obesity, it also normalizes blood lipids levels in the body. Taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, persimmon vinegar could speed up weigh loss!

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Different Ways to Take Persimmon Vinegar

As Food Flavoring

Persimmon works the same way as other vinegar varieties. You can use it in place of regular vinegar to flavor your favorite dishes or create sauces and dips. You can also use persimmon vinegar as dressing to salads!

Mixed With Other Beverages

It’s common for Japanese and Korean professional athletes to mix a spoonful of persimmon vinegar together with commercially-available sports drinks to boost its health benefits. You can also dilute several spoonful of persimmon vinegar with plain water and drink it straight up.

As Health Tonics

Most Asian health stores sell tonics and infusions with persimmon vinegar. Just check with your local health store and buy a couple of tonics. Tonics are bottled blends of herbs designed to address various types of health problems. Most tonics infused with persimmon vinegar are targeted towards those suffering from liver disease.

As Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is a very healthy alternative to the fattening salad dressing. To make your own vinaigrette using persimmon vinegar, mix extra virgin olive oil, mustard power, salt, and paper plus a couple of tablespoons of persimmon vinegar in a clean mixing bowl. Blend all ingredients well, add to tossed salad and enjoy!

On Its Own

If you’re okay with the sweetish-sour taste of persimmon vinegar, you can always take a spoonful or two daily without diluting or mixing it with other ingredients.

If you want to try taking persimmon vinegar, it’s important to check the labels prior to making a purchase. Some brands of persimmon vinegars are not made from 100% persimmon fruit. Also, to prevent adverse reactions, consult your doctor first before taking any kinds of health tonics.

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