Pilates Equipment Ideal for Home Use

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Pilates is a type of workout program that conditions the muscles, alleviates pain, and improve flexibility. This workout is focused on strengthening the core to improve posture and support the spine. Joseph Pilates developed this workout in the 20th century. It is one of the most widely practiced fitness programs in the world.

Modified Pilates is developed specifically for home use. To achieve optimal results, you need to use various equipment to strengthen the muscles and reduce strain on the joints. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the best Pilates equipment to get for an optimized home workout:

Pilates Reformers

Reformers are used to enhance the effects of Pilates. The reformers are used to keep the body alignment and achieve the perfect form throughout the workout. Reformers feature spring and suspension that supports the joints, facilitates muscle strengthening, and improves coordination and flexibility.

The reformer moves the body back and forth through the frame using a system of springs. The springs provide resistance to develop muscle strength while keeping the body in the perfect form. This equipment is perfect for targeting the core, arms, back, and legs. Some types of reformers are very bulky so they are not ideal for home use. Choose those with a compact design to save up space in your home.

Pilates Chair

A Pilates chair is a square block that works on a spring system. The chair can come with or without handles. A pedal is attached to two springs to protect the joints while working out. The Pilates chair keeps the body aligned and the posture perfect as you exercise. It keeps the pressure away from the joints and back. Because it is versatile, the Pilates chair can be incorporated in different workouts. You can sit on the chair, stand or stand while pedaling as you exercise. Its compact size is also suitable for small home gyms. If you are shopping for a Pilates chair, go for those with adjustable handles and springs for added versatility.

Barrels and Arcs

Barrel and arcs are curved wooden equipment you can use in different ways, depending on the workout. Unlike the Pilates chair or reformers, barrels and arcs do not come with a spring or suspension system to tone the body. Instead, the equipment aid in your workout by using your body weight as resistance. These equipment are perfect for strengthening the core. You can use them on your stomach, back or as you lie on your sides. Barrel and arcs are the most affordable of all Pilates equipment and are also the most compact in design.

Balls and Blocks

Balls and blocks are used to stretch the muscles, activate the core, and strengthen hard-to-tone muscles. The equipment will literally work out muscles you didn’t know you had! Balls and blocks are incredibly versatile too. They can be used to enhance body weight exercises, improve balance, and activate the core. The blocks can be used to strengthen the legs and knees or as a massage tool to break muscle tension. That said, balls and blocks aren’t perfect. They cannot be incorporated into a number of Pilates exercises as easily as other equipment on the list.

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