Proper Ways of Storing Perfumes and Fragrances

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Did you know that an improperly stored perfume can shorten the product’s shelf life? Perfumes are pricier than colognes because the former contain higher concentrations of essential oils. When a bottle of perfume is not stored properly, the oils start to break down. This cuts the lasting power of the fragrance. To find out how to store bottles of perfumes and fragrances, keep these tips in mind:

Store Perfumes Away from Sunlight

There is a reason why most perfumes are housed in dark bottles: to reduce exposure to sunlight. So never leave a bottle of perfume sitting under direct sunlight. The heat could break down the fragrance, degrading the quality of the product. Generally, darker spots in the home are the best places to store any types of fragrances. The darker the spot is, the better it is at prolonging the shelf life of your perfumes.

Keep Perfumes Away from Heat

It’s equally important to protect your fragrances from heat. Just like sunlight, heat can degrade the quality of your perfumes. Excessive heat can also melt plastic bottles and break down the product! So make it a point to avoid storing your perfumes in places that receive a lot of heat. Keep these products away from radiators or heat vents too.

You want to store the perfumes in places where the temperature remains cool and constant. However, do not put perfumes in the fridge. Temperature that’s above room temperature can also cause product degradation.

Reduce Humidity

Unfortunately, most people store their colognes and perfume inside the bathroom and this is a no-no. The excessive humidity can break down the fragrance, affecting the staying power of the perfume. The wet air and the unstable temperature can destroy the quality of the essential oils. We recommend storing your perfumes in a cool, dry place like the bedroom or on the vanity.

Keep the Bottle Sealed at All Times

Scents will lose their strength if the bottles are kept open all the time. When the scent is exposed to humidity, air, and unstable temperature, it will start degrading. While there’s no way to keep yourself from opening and closing a bottle of perfume, make sure you keep the bottles sealed each time you use it. If you can, get an atomizer and transfer a small volume of your favorite perfume. This way, you don’t have to keep opening the main bottle. Get multiple atomizers to store different perfumes. Because perfume atomizers are small and sleek, you can simply slip one in your purse and take your favorite scents with you!

Never Shake the Fragrance Bottles

Shaking the fragrance bottle won’t make the perfume last longer. It will only speed up scent degradation. It can also increase the risk of breakage, especially if the fragrance is housed in a very delicate bottle.

Clean the Applicators

Most perfumes are applied by a spray bottle, but some come in a roller ball or some type of dabbing applicator. These applicators can introduce germs into the perfume, which can reduce its shelf life and staying power. We recommend cleaning the applicator thoroughly with every use or get a cotton swab and use it to apply the perfume. This will keep contaminants away from your favorite scents and maintain the integrity of the product.

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