Quick Fixes on Common Beauty Accidents

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

No matter how careful you are, beauty accidents can occur! Thankfully, there is a fix to most beauty booboos! In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most common beauty accidents and simple hacks to fix them:

Lipstick Stains on Your Teeth

A bold, red lip is a classic, striking look! It brightens the face and puts attention to your plush kissers. But nothing ruins a look faster than lipstick stains on the teeth. Especially if you will be photographed at an event all day or night long! You don’t want to ruin every picture taken with a lipstick-stained smile!

To stop your lipstick from migrating on your teeth, blot your lips using a folded tissue. Blotting helps reduce excess color on the lips while also boosting your lippie’s staying power. After blotting your lips, stick your forefinger in your mouth, and gently pull it away. This is an old, runway model trick! Sticking and removing your forefinger on your lips eliminates the lip color that got too close to the insides of the lips. Finally, try swiping a very thin layer of petroleum jelly on the top row of your teeth. This way, the lipstick will not stick to your teeth.

White Deo Stains on Your Clothes

White deodorant stains on clothing not only ruin the fabric of your favorite LBD, it is also embarrassing especially if you are attending a very special event or a date! If you’re having trouble with tacky white stains on your clothes, we recommend switching formulas. Go for an invisible formula or a spray deodorant to reduce white residues all over your clothing.

You went Overboard with Perfume

Spritzing your favorite scent is the best way to top off a look. But if you’ve been a little overzealous on spritzing cologne or perfume, you are bound to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, there are many ways to tone down a scent.

Once nifty trick is to wipe the areas where you applied perfume with baby wipes. The baby wipes will reduce the strong scent effectively. Another great trick is to apply rubbing alcohol on scent sites. Get a cotton ball, saturate it with rubbing alcohol and apply liberally. Again, the alcohol will neutralize any perfume, effectively toning down the scent.

You Put Too Much Blush

A subtle blush on the cheeks is enough to exude youthfulness but too much of rouge can make you look like you got sunburned. Don’t let excess blush ruin your look. If you were a bit heavy handed on blush, tone it down by dusting an even layer of finishing powder over your cheeks. The translucent powder will reduce redness without disturbing your base. Another great trick to reduce blush is to apply a thin layer of foundation over the cheeks. Use the foundation you used as your base for best results. Then, top it off with translucent powder to set your makeup.

Shattered Pressed Powder/Blush/Eyeshadow

Powder makeup, especially very finely milled ones are prone to shattering. If you are not careful, your favorite pressed powder, blush or eye shadow could break when mishandled. To rescue your beloved makeup, gather all the product in its pan and apply a little rubbing alcohol. Get a tissue and then press the product into the pan to create an even surface. Leave the pressed product to dry and you are done.

The rubbing alcohol will evaporate, leaving your pressed makeup pristine. And no, rubbing alcohol will not change the formula of your pressed makeup.

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