Quick n’ Easy Post-Natal Workout to Tone the Tummy

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The body go through so many changes before and after having a baby. And let’s face it, once the baby comes it’s hard to find time to work out. 9 months of grueling change and fluctuating weight will weaken the core. So it makes sense to target this area first when you are ready to work out. In today’s post, we are listing down super easy post-natal exercises for new moms:

Breathing Exercises with Abdominal Flexing

When you get two minutes of absolute silence, take it as a cue to do your breathing exercises. This will help calm the nerves and also strengthen the abdominal muscles. Start by sitting with your back straight and breathing deeply. Draw the air all the way into the diaphragm and pull the abdominal muscles in. Relax the abdominal muscles as you exhale. Gradually pick up the rhythm to tone the abs.

Kneeling Pelvic Tilt

The kneeling pelvic tilt helps ease back pain while targeting the core. Start on all fours. The toes should touch the floor behind you. Keep the arms straight from the shoulder line, palms flat on the floor. Inhale then pull the glutes forward. Tilt the pelvis and rotate your pubic bone upwards. Do not curve or arch your back. Hold the position for three seconds, release.

Mini Crunches

Mini crunches aren’t like your typical crunch. This exercise effectively flattens the upper and lower abdominals. To perform the mini crunch, lie down on the floor with your face up. Lift your head and shoulder blades several inches off the floor. The hands should be sliding along the ground to the feet or behind the head. The key is to generate a large abdominal contraction. Hold the crunch for five seconds before lowering yourself back to the starting position. As you lower yourself down, do so slowly.

Beginner Plank

If you’re struggling with the regular plank, try the beginner plank. This will target the obliques and the core. Start by lying face down on the floor. Using your elbows and knees, prop yourself up and maintain a straight posture from the heels to the shoulders. The elbows should be directly underneath the shoulder. Pull the abdominal muscles and hold this position for several seconds.

Seated Knee Abduction with Band

This exercise will require resistance bands. Start by sitting on a chair or a fitness ball. Bring your knees together and then tie a resistance band around it. Press your legs outwards against the band and hold. At this point, engage the pelvic floor muscles then set a comfortable rhythm during the interval.

Kneeling Scapula Retraction with Band

Again with the resistance band, get on your knees and hold the bands out in front of you. Widen the hands beyond shoulder width to increase the tension. Now, pinch the shoulder blades together until the forearms are perpendicular to the body. Pull the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. Hold this position for a few seconds, release then repeat.


Squats do more than tone the butt, it will tone the tummy too! As you stand with feet shoulder width apart, push your hips back down until you reach knee level. Keep the lower back straight and shift your weight in the heels. Now push yourself up to go back to the starting position. That’s one rep. As you bring yourself up, make sure to pull the abdominal muscles and exhale.

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