Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Going to the Gym

Photo credit: Calibe Thompson / Flickr
Photo credit: Calibe Thompson / Flickr

Do you want to get fit but don’t have the time to go to the gym? The majority of people are leading very busy live these days which leaves little time for leisurely workouts at the gym. Good news! There are ways you can get fit without joining a gym or doing long, complicated workouts. Why not try introducing micro workouts to achieve your fitness goals?

Micro workouts consist of fitness movements carried out multiple times throughout the day which don’t interfere with your normal routine. These micro workouts, when done regularly, can add up to several hundred additional calories burned per day without leaving your home or office. These fitness exercises can consist of any exercise movements carried out for short periods that increase your heart rate and get your blood circulating. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get a pedometer and wear it religiously. Keep an accurate record of how many steps you take per day. How many is enough? Experts say you should aim for at least 10,000 steps per day to achieve total fitness. Challenge yourself on a daily basis to see if you can meet this goal.

2. Kick the habit of reading the newspaper in your easy chair, get a small exercise bike and pedal while you watch the daily news on television. Make it a rule that when you wash T.V, you’ll watch it while pedaling on your exercise bike. Yes, you can even achieve your fitness goals while watching T.V!

3. Instead of eating lunch at home or at the office, take along a meal replacement bar. During your lunch hour, take a brisk walk while munching on your energy bar. You’ll be relieving work day stress and burning calories at the same time.

4. Avoid elevators! The stairs are your key to reaching your fitness goals.. Stair climbing burns a significant number of calories and when you do this several times a day, the calories burned can really add up.

5. Train yourself to do everything at a faster pace both at home and at the office. When you’re at home, don’t walk leisurely from room to room. Pick up the pace! If you feel like it, you can even run from room to room. Think how many additional calories you’re burning on a weekly basis!

6. If you love animals, consider getting a dog. Take your dog on short walks throughout the day. A dog can be a very strong fitness motivator and can help keep you on track in achieving your fitness goals.

7. Whenever possible, wear exercise shoes. You’ll move a lot faster and burn more calories when you’re not wearing uncomfortable dress shoes. If you think regular exercise shoes look too casual, look for some of the newer black leather fitness shoes that have a more dressy appearance.

8. If you have a desk job, schedule a brief walk down the hall every 30 minutes or so, or, better yet, head for the stairwell and climb a few flights of stairs. It’ll burn calories as well as wake you up, so you’ll work more efficiently when you return to your office.

9. Don’t drive anywhere that you can walk. Every time you head for your car, ask yourself if it’s possible to walk instead. If the post office is right down the street and you need to mail a letter, wouldn’t it be healthier to walk? The Japanese people are some of the thinnest people on earth which has been attributed to the fact that they walk almost everywhere.

Give these micro workouts a try and I’ll think you’ll be rewarded with a healthier heart and a more trim and toned body without joining a gym. You don’t need fancy equipment and high priced memberships to achieve your fitness goals, you just need to use the fitness time you have more effectively. Here’s hoping you’ll start getting fit today!

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