Reasons Why You Can’t Reach Your Goal Weight

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Seems like no matter how careful you are about the kinds of food you eat or how long you spend pumping irons on the gym, you are still miles away from your goal weight? Keeping the pounds off takes an almost supernatural level of dedication and commitment. In this post, we are listing down the culprit behind your weight issues.

Health Issues

From health disorders to diseases and medications, any pre-existing health issues that you might have can actually inhibit you from dropping off the pounds.

In fact, certain disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome will make it very hard for women to lose weight even if they control their calorie consumption and exercise regularly. People afflicted with diabetes will also find it hard to control their weight because they have to regulate their blood sugar level and this makes them hesitant to go to the gym. People with heart conditions will also have a hard time staying fit through exercising without fears about their safety, regardless if their fears are warranted.

We recommend talking to your doctor and airing our your concerns about your weight loss problems to have yourself checked to make sure there are no underlying conditions that are making it hard for you to shed off the pounds.

Body Pains

Can’t lift weights because of a bad back? Can’t eat several health foods because your body reacts badly to it? One of the most common reasons why it’s difficult to lose weight is that certain conditions or injuries that are keeping us from being fit.

For example, did you know that people suffering from sleep apnea could actually limit their body’s response to a weight loss intervention? If you have ongoing issues with injuries or conditions that keeps you from losing weight, we recommend having it checked out before you go on with your fitness plan. For those with nagging injuries that won’t go away, it’s best to ask your physician the best exercises so you can tone your body without aggravating your condition.

You Can’t Sustain A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy food is expensive compared to say, junk food or fast food. Gym memberships are also expensive, Buying exercise equipment or enrolling for a weight loss program cost a lot of money. If you are keeping yourself from being healthy because you want to save a few bucks, you’d be glad to know there are ways to stay fit without spending more than you should.

Something as simple as going for a 30-minute walk each day is enough to keep the body fit. You can tune in to a workout program on TV and do bits of aerobics right in the comfort of your home. In short, there are many ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle without spending money so don’t let your financial struggles keep you from staying fit.

Psychosocial Issues

Certain psychiatric conditions can actually impact a person’s ability to lose weight. Depression, mental traumas, ADD, all these psychosocial issues can make it difficult for some people to achieve their goal weight. If you suffer from any psychosocial issues, we strongly recommend consulting your physician to deal with the problem and help you achieve the results you want.

You can also try to watch what you eat by keeping a food journal. By listing down the kinds of foods you consume each day, you will get a clearer idea of your own eating behavior and hopefully, correct and improve every day.

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