Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs: Is It Worth the Money?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Secret of the Islands is a salt scrub company that offers “all-natural” bath products. The salt scrubs have a soybean oil base and fine salt that slough off dead skin cells.

Although the company started with a single product, the salt scrub, Secrets of the Islands gradually grew its product line to include lotions, bath soaks, bath salts, accessories, and gift baskets. The company promises using only the highest quality ingredients to reduce irritation or skin issues. Thinking of investing on Secret of the Islands products? In today’s post, we are listing down the pros and cons of the Secret of the Islands body scrubs:

Pros of the Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs

Restore Luminosity

Secret of the Islands salt scrubs features fine grains of salt suspended in a soybean oil base. The grains of the salt are not abrasive enough to irritate the skin. Just a handful is enough to slough off dead skin cells and restore the skin’s natural glow. Using the product regularly helps even out the skin tone and reduce blotchiness.

Boosts Cell Regeneration

The skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to prevent breakouts and boost cell regeneration. Sloughing off dead skill cells pave the way for new skin cells to grow and retain the skin’s natural luminosity. Secret of the Islands salt scrubs do that and more. It can reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture and refine the skin.

Improves Blood Flow

Scrubbing the skin using a mild body care product like a salt scrub helps boost circulation and improves blood flow. Just apply a dollop of the salt scrub on your skin and scrub using gentle, circular strokes. Massaging the product in help sink in the oil suspended in the formula. This will leave the skin hydrated and pinkish!

Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite

Although there is no body care product in the world that can truly eradicate cellulite, regular exfoliation helps reduce the appearance of dimpled, bumpy skin. The salt scrub refines the skin texture, shrinks blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Choosing Secret of the Islands’ coffee salt scrub also tones the skin. The caffeine in the coffee salt scrub helps tighten skin and promote evenness.

Cons of the Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs

Heavy Oil Base

As mentioned above, all Secret of the Islands’ Salt Scrubs is made with soybean oil. This oil is heavier than most plant-based oils so it leaves a heavy residue on the skin. The oil is so heavy that residues clog the pipes and leave the bathroom floor slippery. As such, this product is best for people with extremely dry skin.

Short Shelf Life

Just like any natural products, Secret of the Islands body scrubs has a very short shelf life of 90 days. The soybean oil goes bad within weeks. Because the company does not print a manufacturing date on the jars, it is almost impossible to determine the freshness of the product. And once the oil goes rancid, it becomes very sticky. It will also take on a “cooking oil” odor.

Not 100% Natural

Surprisingly, Secret of the Islands products is not made with 100% ingredients. Although the base ingredients are natural, the scent is not. The fragrance of the salt scrubs is derived from chemical blends.


For a product that you can whip up at home using common kitchen ingredients, Secret of the Islands body scrubs are quite pricey. You will get the same results using ingredients you already have at home.

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