Secrets to a Perfect Blow Dry

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Tired of failing to recreate the perfect salon blowout at home? You are not alone! But with these pro tips, you too can achieve the perfect salon blow out without spending a small fortune on hair treatments:

Use the Right Products

To achieve the perfect blow dry, you have to use the right products. Overly emollient, goopy shampoos, and conditioners are perfect for severely damaged hair but not if you are gearing up for the perfect blow dry! These products will leave the hair greasy and flat, making it harder to achieve bounciness, volume, and body!

If you are blow-drying your hair, use lightweight hair products. Go for mild formulas that will not strip the scalp of its natural oils. We love low sudsing hair shampoos that gently remove grime and dirt while giving the hair just enough moisture to keep it shiny.

Dry Your Hair

Never blow dry still-damp hair. Apart from achieving underwhelming results, using any heated styling tool will cook wet hair from the inside and out, leaving you with severely damaged tresses! Make sure your hair is very dry before beginning. Flip your hair over; massage your roots as you dry your hair using the hair dryer. Keep the hair dryer about six inches away from the hair as you dry your tresses so the heat is not concentrated. Once your hair is completely dry, you can start focusing the heat on specific areas of your hair.

Protect Your Hair

Never heat-treat the hair without using a protectant. If you do, you are literally frying your tresses, leaving you with frizzy, damaged hair! You can either spritz a little heat protectant if you want something lightweight or a blowout balm for added protection. Blow out balm works if you want to achieve sleek, glossy hair. The product will coat each hair strand to protect it from damaging heat.

A heat protecting spray is perfect for achieving a little wave. The product is light enough that it won’t weigh the hair down or leave a grimy residue. The product pulls double duty, sealing the hair shaft to enhance glossiness!

Choose the Right Spot to Blow Dry

You simply cannot blow dry anywhere in the home. Humidity makes the hair flat so avoid rooms that tend to get too humid like the bathroom. Instead of blow-drying your hair in the bathroom, do it in the bedroom or living room area. You want to blow dry your hair in a well-ventilated area to achieve enviable body and bounciness.

Choose the Right Nozzle

Using the hair dryer without its removable nozzle will make it extra hard to concentrate the heat where you want it. So do not use the hair dryer without the nozzle. Using a large hair brush, roll a portion of your hair and blast hot air to create a controlled steam. The removable nozzle will direct the heat on problematic areas of the air, allowing you to achieve uniform smoothness and sleekness. Using the nozzle also reduces frizz.

After Treatment

Once you are satisfied with your DIY salon blow dry, you have to spritz a humidity-proof hairspray to lock your hairstyle in place. You want to spray just enough product to keep your hairstyle perfect but not too much that your tresses are not moving with you. Movement is important because you want the result to look natural.

A hairspray with light to medium hold works great for blow-dried hair. You can either apply the hairspray in sections or all over the hair.

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