Self-Treatment: Basic Foot and Hand Reflexology

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Reflexology is an alternative treatment to heal various ailments by stimulating pressure points on the feet and hands. The pressure points – called meridian points – correspond to specific organs. If you believe in alternative methods of healing then reflexology is a great treatment to try. It’s fairly easy as long as you master the pressure points. Below are reflexology tips to get you started on your self-treatment:

How to do Reflexology on the Hand

Start by finding a comfortable spot for reflexology self-treatment. Start by using a little baby oil. Rub the oil on the right hand using outward sweeping motion. Using your thumb, push from between the knuckles to the wrist, Hold one finger at a time and wring out your fingers. Give your hands a slow side to side twist to loosen the joints. Give the hand a final squeeze and you’re ready to start.

The next step is to stimulate the meridian points. If you haven’t mastered the pressure points, you can check online for a picture.

The meridian point for the small intestines is the left side of the little pinky. The heart is on the opposite side of the little pinky. The Triple Burner is on the left side of the ring finger. The heart is on the right side of the middle finger. The points for colon and large intestines are on the right side of the index finger. The middle of the thumbnail is the pressure point for the lungs. Now, apply pressure in a circular motion on these areas for three to five seconds. Then, apply pressure in anti-clockwise movement.

From your right hand’s thumb, massage downwards to the base. Massage from the top and move downwards several times. Continue massaging the entire thumb to stimulate the corresponding organ. Move to the index finger and the rest of your fingers on the right hand. Make sure to massage and apply pressure to all parts of the skin. Do this from the inside of your palm to outside. Now move on to the left hand.

How to do Reflexology on the Foot

This self-treatment is to eliminate neck and head pain. Remove your shoes and socks. Sit cross-legged on a bed or yoga mat. Find a comfortable position and hold your left foot. The pad of your foot should be facing you.

To relieve headaches, starts applying pressure to your toes. These are the meridian points for the neck and head. Note that the last big toes correspond to the head. If you have tension headache, apply pressure to these areas. Continue massaging and applying pressure until pain in the neck and head starts to disappear.

If your chest area feels tight or you have trouble breathing, move to the balls of the foot. This area corresponds to lungs, airways, the thymus gland, chest, and shoulders. Massage this area and do breathing exercises at the same time.

To alleviate stomach cramps, press the reflex points on the arch of the foot. This area corresponds to your stomach meridian point. Stimulating the arch of the foot will relieve all types of digestive problems, including heaviness in the pit of the stomach, jitters, etc.

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