Setting The Record Straight on These Barbell Strength Training Myths

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Barbell strength training is one of the best methods of increasing muscle mass and developing power. If your fitness goal is to increase strength, above all else, this is the right training for you. Contrary to popular belief, barbell strength training isn’t just about bulking up. There is more to this training than building the body. Depending on what kind of training you want, you can sculpt, tone and develop any part of your body without bulking up. In today’s post, we are setting the record straight on some of the most persistent myths about barbell strength training:

Weight Lifting Causes Injuries

Injuries sustained during any fitness routine is almost always caused by: the wrong form, the lack of a spotter or biting off more than you can chew. The same thing applies to weight lifting. If you don’t have a professional teaching you the right way to lift the weight, then that’s an accident waiting to happen. Some types of weights demand serious strength – strength built by years of lifting weights. Performing these lifts require a certain level of expertise. If you are not at that level yet, do not even try. Swallow your pride and be patient. Wait until your body is strong enough to lift certain weights.

Strength Training is Reserved for Bodybuilders

Most women avoid strength training thinking that they will bulk up from all the lifting. This is another persistent misconception about lifting weights.

It’s important to understand how the body generate lean muscles. From there, you will understand that some strength training exercises will not trigger the formation of muscles. Instead, these exercises will tone and increase muscle flexibility. Once you determine your goals, you can choose the right strength training that will give you the results you expect. And no, strength training will not turn a woman’s body into that of a man either. If you want to achieve a leaner, toner physique – regardless of gender – try lifting weights!

Strength Training is Strictly for Young People

Anyone can lift weights, even aging individuals who want to achieve a stronger body! If you think lifting weights will aggravate common aches and pain, think again. Some health experts believe that lifting weights could actually help the body maintain strength and “feel” younger. That’s why aging lifters are much stronger than those who do not lift weights at all.

As the body ages, cells started to die at a much faster rate. This process is called apoptosis. Although there is no explanation why it happens, apoptosis is a fundamental part of aging. And any form of exercise will slow down apoptosis. Lifting weights keeps the muscles toned and mobile. For some reason, this leads to slower aging of the muscle tissues.

Weight Lifting is For Professionals

Everyone can lift weights – older individuals, women, sometimes even teens. This is one training that does not discriminate. Always keep an open mind when trying a new fitness training. Lifting weights doesn’t mean starting at a 400 barbell. You have to condition the body to achieve a certain level of fitness.

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