Should You Dye Your Hair: Pros and Cons of Hair Coloring

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Hair treatment is a fast, fun way to change your look. The process behind it might be a complete pain, but the end result is worth it. But is it, really? While there’s nothing wrong with changing it up once in a while, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to changing one’s hair color. In today’s post, we are listing down the pros and cons of getting a dye job.

Advantages of Hair Coloring

Beautiful Results

You don’t have to go to a salon and get your hair done to achieve great results. At- home hair coloring treatments are a super-easy way to change your hair color. If done according to instructions, you get beautiful, glossy tresses within an hour or less!

Improve Your Appearance

Tired of your jet-black hair color? Why not change it to violet-black? Or have it done in burgundy or even strawberry blonde? Color treatments are excellent ways to change your hair, according to your mood. If you easily tire of the same look, you can enhance your appearance by changing your hair color. You can go lighter if you want to appear youthful and fresh or darker to add drama. You can also go for subtle highlights if you’re not looking for a drastic change.

Customized Shades

You can get your hair done professionally and achieve customized results. For instance, say you are attending a special event and you want to move away from your usual look. You can consult a professional hair stylist and develop a hair color that truly represents your unique personality.

Disadvantages of Hair Coloring


You cannot use the same hair products for normal hair if you have color-treated hair. Regular hair products will strip the dyes faster or will dry out color-treated hair. Because you are dealing with different textures, you have to use the right products. For instance, say you went blond after being a redhead. You have to use violet-colored shampoo to maintain the dye job. Otherwise, the red will show through within several washes of regular hair products.

Hair Damage

It’s normal for tresses to go dry and brittle after a dye job. Give life back to your hair by using lots of conditioners and protein treatments made specifically for color-treated hair. These products will restore shine, improve strength and prevent brittleness. Hot oil treatments are also great to maintain colored hair.


Freshly colored hair has thinner texture than natural hair. You can add fullness by using volumizing hair products like hair mousse. At night, give your tresses a little TLC by massaging extra virgin coconut oil or aloe vera gel. These products will improve texture and prevent thinning.

Limited Hair Styles

Coloring the hair requires major adjustments for those who love to style their hair. Because color treatments aren’t exactly kind to the hair, you have to limit your hair styles to simple brushing or using hydrating products. Try not to use heat to style the hair. Heat will ruin the ends of your hair. It will also weaken the hair follicles, causing thinning and breaking.

The Commitment

Say you went platinum blonde after being a brunette, you have to maintain your roots so the darkness does not show through. This requires regular maintenance including going back to the salon several times every month for touch ups. Being blonde is a full-time job if your hair is naturally black like Kim K.

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