Shoulder Exercises to Build Mass and Power

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Toned shoulders have a dramatic impact on your overall physique. You want your shoulders to become powerful, toned and jacked up. And you can do that through a series of targeted workout! In today’s post, we are listing down amazing shoulder workouts that will take those skinny shoulders to the next level:

Hang Clean and Press

Hands down the best shoulder workout ever invented, the hang clean and press will boost mass and build power. To perform this workout, stand with your feet just beyond shoulder-width apart. Put your hands on the bar, parallel to your feet on the ground. Keep your body straight, deadlift the weight into the standing position then, hold the weight down by the thighs as you go back to the starting position.

From the starting position, lower the weight down just above the knees. Bend both knees and the waist as you do this. To perform the hang clean, extend the ankles, flex the knees and complete a ¾ upright row. You want to bring the bar up in a straight line in front of the body. From here, rotate the elbows and arms under the weight. Catch the weight in front of the shoulders with upward facing palms. Then, lower the bar back down to your shoulders and then down the thighs.

Military Press

Also known as the standing overhead press, the military press is a great exercise if you’re after definition. To perform the military press, you have to set up your bar on a rack. Rest the weight on your upper chest then press the weight upward directly in front of the face. Bring the weight up until the elbows lock. Now with slow movements, bring the weight down to the chest. That’s one rep. Do three sets of 10.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The dumbbell shoulder press is one of the most versatile shoulder workouts. It’s also mandatory in most shoulder routines. You can experiment with different variations to target different muscles in the shoulders. To perform the dumbbell shoulder press, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Starting with the left side first, lift the dumbbell to full extension. Bring the weight back down slowly. Now, alternate on the right side, bringing the weight up and down in slow, deliberate motion.

Upright Barbell Rows

Although this exercise requires advanced skills, the end result is a set of monstrous shoulders. Start by gripping the barbell row an inch inside of shoulder width. Bring the weight up by bending the elbows until it’s in front of the body. Then, as the movement nears completion, the elbow should be pointing away from the body. The bar should be below the chin. Return the weight to finish the rep.

Overhead Squat

It’s a struggle to maintain the right form especially when you’re doing overhead squats. But practice makes perfect! This move will boost shoulder stability, leading to better control and definition.

To perform the overhead squat, put the barbell in an overhead position. Once the barbell is in position, pull the shoulder blades together. At this point, the weight should be directly above your head and ankles.

Hold the bar steady and do a classic squat. Bring the bar behind the head as you reach the bottom of the squat.

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