Simple Stretches to Ease Sore, Painful Shoulders

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Got painful shoulders? The shoulder muscles are some of the most used muscles in the body. Repeated movements—such as strenuous physical exertions and exercises—could lead to pain, swelling, and tenderness around this area. These simple stretches will help ease sore shoulders and even relax the neck and back as well as improve posture:

Wall Stretching

Stretching the shoulders against the wall helps release tension from the neck and shoulders. You can do this with just one arm or both arms for deeper relaxation. Stand straight and face the wall. Stretch your arms so that only your fingertips are touching the wall. Now start letting your fingertips climb up the wall as you walk slowly near the wall. As you walk closer, raise your hand against the wall and stretch your fingers as far up as you possibly can.

Door Handle Stretching

This stretch helps loosen tight shoulder blade muscles. Use any object you see in the room. In this example, we’re using a door handle. Grab hold of it with both hands while standing in front of it. Now, slowly lean towards the object with your hands stretched out completely. To maximize the stretch, lean your torso in a 90-degree angle.

Door Frame Stretching

This position engages each area of the shoulder one at a time. This means you will have to stretch one side of the shoulder completely before moving on to the opposite side.

Stand in an open doorway and slowly raise one arm in a 90 degree angle to your upper side. Make sure you point your forearm towards the ceiling while also extending your upper arm horizontally. Next, lean forward slowly by taking half steps — this will stretch out the shoulders as well as the upper chest and back. Now, move on to the other side for an equal stretch.

Stretching Arms Behind the Back

As the name suggests, this position will help ease shoulder pain by stretching the arms behind your back. The key is to keep your back straight and to extend both your hands with clasped fingers behind your lower back. Slowly lift your hands towards the ceiling and hold the position for at least 25 seconds. Go back to your starting position and then do another stretch until you feel your shoulder muscles starting to loosen.

Overhead Arm Stretching

This is perhaps one of the most popular and easiest shoulder stretch exercises. This position will quickly ease tension in the shoulders and prevent painful, stiff muscles. The overhead arm stretch also helps soothe inflamed posterior deltoid muscles and flexes the triceps.

Standing up, take each arm above your head. Then bend the arm at the elbow so your hand and your forearm are behind your opposite shoulder. You can push your bent elbow in to maximize the stretch. The more you push your elbow in, the better this position is in easing muscle pains. Hold the position for a few seconds and then move on to the other side for an even stretch.

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