Slim for Life: Simple Weight Loss Tips to Keep the Pounds Off Forever

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Is it possible to achieve a slim, fit body for life? With these simple tips, you can! Regardless if you are in your 20s to 50s, these diet tips are sure to keep the pounds off for good:

Swap Red Meat for Fish and Poultry

Red meats of all kinds contain more calories and saturated fats than fish and poultry. Cutting back on red meat or swearing off red meat completely will do wonders for the waistline. Studies show that a diet rich in fish regulates blood pressure, reduces mood swings, and promotes weight loss.

Certain types of fish – such as herring, tuna, and wild salmon – contain omega-3 fatty acid. This beneficial fat helps neutralize internal inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acid promotes proper brain development, youthful skin, and elevated mood. Even better, fish and poultry contain high-quality protein without the excessive calories and bad cholesterol that cause cardiovascular disease.

Go for Unrefined Grains

Did you know unrefined grains make the best diet food? Unlike refined grains that contain empty calories, foods made with unrefined grains are packed with soluble and insoluble fiber. Dietary fiber helps promote weight loss by boosting meal satiety, controlling the appetite, and reducing the cravings for calorific foods.

Fiber also binds with fat so it is safely eliminated from the body instead of being stored within fat cells. Fiber promotes faster weight loss by regulating the sugar level in the blood. Fiber-rich foods do not cause the glucose level to surge, which leads to intense cravings and irritability later in the day.

Mind Your Portions

One of the most common causes of unwanted weight gain is uncontrolled portions. When you are not keeping an eye on the amount of food you pile on your plate, you will end up consuming more calories than you should. Always keep your portions modest especially if you are eating animal-based proteins. Fill your plates with low glycemic fruits and nutritious vegetables to fool the brain into taking that you are eating more. Loading up on legumes and vegetables prolongs the feeling of fullness, minimizing cravings and snacking as the day progresses.

Better Cooking Methods

It is not enough to watch what you eat to maintain a healthy figure. You also need to adjust your cooking methods to come up with low-calorie foods. If you are watching what you eat, avoid condiments, sauces, and flavorings that are high in cholesterol, salt, and sugars.  Instead of slathering butter, creamy sauces or calorific marinades on food, consider enhancing the natural flavors of your meals with herbs and low-calorie spices.

Apart from using flavor-enhancing herbs and spices, we recommend grilling, steaming, blanching, or broiling your meals instead of deep-frying or stewing your food. These cooking methods enhance the flavors of the food without the added fat and calories.

Keep your fridge full of fresh, whole foods rather than canned or processed foods to keep your sugar and sodium intake in check. Preparing your snacks and meals rather than dining out is also a great way to limit your caloric consumption.

Regular Exercise

You simply cannot achieve a slim, trim body without regular exercise. If you are serious about working out, you can team up with a professional fitness instructor to whip your body into shape. If you’d rather do this on your own, research online to develop the best fitness plan that suits your lifestyle. Walking at least 30 minutes every day makes an excellent workout too!

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