Sneaky Ways to Hide a Double Chin without Surgery

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Double chin is the term used to describe the extra fatty fold under the chin. A double chin can be a source of embarrassment for some because it can make the face look fat or extra puffy. Although there are invasive and non-invasive procedures you can use to banish a double chin, these easy tricks will also make double chins less noticeable. All without spending a lot of cash on facial contouring treatments!

Define the Cheeks and Eyes

If you want to draw the eyes away from your double chin, wear a strong eye makeup or define your cheeks. Using makeup to bring attention to the eyes or cheeks help reduce the focus on areas of the face you would rather not highlight. Do not be afraid to play up your eyes, bring out those cheekbones, and experiment with different makeup tricks and colors.

Styling Your Hair

Another way to distract the eyes away from a double chin is to wear a flattering hairstyle. First, you want to avoid a haircut that falls near the chin. Shorter haircuts like this will make your chin and neck area look extra thick. Go for hairstyles that fall below the ears to lengthen the neck and slim down the chin area. If you want to wear longer hair, opt for a layered style that draws the eyes away from the chin area.

Playing with Shadows and Light

To define the jaw line and minimize the impact of a double chin, use makeup to add depth to the chin area. You want your chin to appear as farther back to achieve a thinner appearance. Go for darker foundation color and swipe it along the double chin area. The darker color helps minimize the appearance of a double chin by creating the illusion of depth.

Adjusting Your Outfit

To ensure that the eyes are drawn away from your double chin, avoid turtlenecks at all cost. You might think a turtleneck is an excellent way to reduce the appearance of a double chin but it won’t! In fact, it does the total opposite. A turtleneck will draw attention to the problem area. Instead of wearing a turtleneck, consider switching to V-neck tops. V-neck tops will elongate the neck and draw the attention away from the chin. You can also wear embellished tops and patterned dresses to keep onlookers’ eyes focused on the print, not on the chin!

Highlight the Lips

A bold lip is a great way to draw the attention to the face, not the chin. You can sport a classic red lip or a trendy violet or gray to bring the fullness out from your lips. If you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing a bold lip, try applying a high shine lipgloss instead. The shimmers of the gloss will draw attention to the lips.

Contour the Chin

If all else fails, whip out your bronzer or contour palette and start contouring that double chin away! Contouring will highlight a specific point of the face. It can also draw the attention away from unwanted parts of the face, like a double chin. You want a contour powder with a neutral or grayish undertone. A bronzer with too much red in it will look too orange against the skin. Contour powders with a little gray undertone will mimic the natural shadows of the face.

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