Some of the Healthiest Foods are found in Chinese Dishes

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Oh yes, who can resist a good Chinese takeout? Dimsum, spring rolls, spicy noodles and the likes are among the delicious foods that the Chinese people are well-known for but in this article, we will not talk about your regular Chinese takeout meals. In this article we will learn about the healthiest Chinese dishes that you have never tried before. So if you are ready, here are some of the dishes that I found to be an exciting dish to try the next time you order your Chinese dinner or takeout!

When you look at the Chinese restaurant menu, there are so many great dishes to try out but if you are health conscious and are watching your diet then you might as well take note of these.

Wanton Soup

This delicious soup contains about a hundred calories and is already packed with dumplings. Eating wanton soup before actually eating a full meal can help you eat less.

Steamed dumplings

If you really want to eat dumplings then make sure to order ones that are steamed not fried. They are less greasy than fried dumplings and healthier too.

Steamed mix vegetables

There are also steamed vegetables that you can order out of the menu. They are more delicious than the ones that are fried as the nutrients and vitamins are preserved during steaming.

Chicken with snow peas

In case you want some meat with your vegetables, order this. This dish is only stir fried and not totally friend so you can enjoy your crunchy vegetables and chicken. You can even ask them to stir fry it in as little oil as possible.

Shrimp and lobster sauce

If you love the classic Chinese seafood style cooking, order this dish. It contains about 450 calories per regular serving (unless you order a big serving of course) and is deliciously served with broth or wine.

Beef and broccoli

One of the best Chinese dishes that you can try is the beef and broccoli. It has about 900 calories per serving but since it’s packed with broccoli (which is a good of fiber) you can definitely enjoy it.

Shrimp with garlic sauce

A serving of this dish contains about 700 calories and if you happen to split this with another friend then you get lesser calories. Plus it’s made with lean protein from the shrimp and vegetables; nothing can go wrong with that.

Veggie spring rolls

If you love Chinese spring rolls but don’t want meat, you can always order some veggie spring rolls. It’s a light appetizer than contains about 80 calories. You can also order some veggie spring rolls that are fresh if you don’t want it to be fried.

So there you go! Some healthy options that you can choose from your Chinese menu! In case you don’t know what to order its best to ask friends or families or better yet, ask the restaurant what’s the healthy dish they can recommend you. But if you want to be adventures, go ahead and try pick one! After all, eating is always an adventure.

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