Spa Products that Promote Healing and Recovery

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Ever wonder why a trip to a spa leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged? Spa treatments, facial and body massages are comprised of healing techniques and ingredients with proven curative benefits. And in today’s post, we are listing down how these spa products do more than alleviate stress and recharge the mind:

Clay Masks and Clay-Based Body Treatments

From kaolin to volcanic clay, clay is a staple ingredient in most spa treatments. And for good reasons. Clay is a type of fine-grained soil infused with skin-friendly benefits. It detoxifies the skin by drawing out impurities. It also re-balances the skin to minimize oil production, preventing acne breakouts and healing pimples. Clay has the ability to tighten the pores, refine the skin texture and smooth out wrinkles too!

Of all types of skin-friendly clay, kaolin is the mildest and the most widely used. It’s a favorite by skin care brands and spa products too. Kaolin helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It also minimizes sebum production.

French green clay and rose clay are often mixed with various scrubs and body treatments to keep the skin supple and youthful-looking.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the piece de resistance of most spas. While massages come in various types, they offer the same benefits. Massage soothes tired, sore muscles. It boosts circulation and promotes tissue healing. Massage may also reduce common aches and pains. It can also tone the skin, minimizing sagginess.

Even better, massage can reverse the dangers of prolonged sitting. According to health experts, prolonged sitting is the new smoking. It contributes to a variety of diseases ranging from spinal damage to early deaths. A good massage eliminates postural stress caused by sitting down for a prolonged period of time. It also reduces fatigue and muscle strain.


There is more to aromatherapy than being surrounded by pleasant-smelling herbs and essential oils. Aromatherapy is an effective way to alleviate stress. Certain scents are also proven to boost health and well-being. For example, citrus and peppermint scents boost mental alertness. These scents also suppress the appetite and curb cravings. On the other hand, sage and thyme scents are used to soothe pain and achy muscles.

Aromatherapy prevents mood swings; it manages pain and even decreases the risk of depression. Clinical tests show that certain scents can keep blood pressure down and trigger the release of hormones that uplift mood.

Herbal and Essential Oil Treatments

Most spas offer their own signature body treatments made from concoctions of herbs and essential oils. And usually, these herbs are prized for their curative and beauty benefits.

Aloe, ginger, extra virgin olive oil and eucalyptus are some of the many herbs and oils used to boost the efficacy of spa body treatments. Aloe soothes skin inflammation and protects from all types of infections. Ginger strengthens the immune system thanks to its high level of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents. Eucalyptus boosts mental alertness and improves circulation while extra virgin olive oil hydrates the skin, injecting the body with antioxidants and phytochemicals.

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