Stop Counting Calories : How to Eat Right and Control Your Weight During the Holidays

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The holiday season is all about bonding with loved ones, sharing hearty meals together, and being thankful for all the blessings that came our way. But oftentimes, the holidays—particularly Thanksgiving—meant eating more than you normally do. After all, who’s going to eat the feasts that you painstakingly prepared with your whole family?

The good news is that it’s possible to enjoy the holidays without worrying about weight gain. The key is to stay within the 5,000 calorie limit — and every food you put in your mount counts. But don’t spend Thanksgiving counting calories, practice self-control by considering our weight loss tips below:

Avoid Extra Snacking Throughout the Day

One of the hardest things to control when you’re watching what you eat is incessant snacking. Snacking on regular days is hard enough to limit, what more once the holidays roll in? Sometimes we do this unconsciously. More so if there’s a fabulous spread just waiting to be savored.

To control your snacking, make sure you limit the amount of snacks you eat throughout the day. For example, instead of getting handful after handful of sweets, limit it to a couple of handfuls and spread out the portion to last you the day. If you can’t limit your snacking, then turn to food items that are healthier like carrots or celery sticks. You can also prepare kale chips and snack on them when your cravings for salty treats kick in.

Controlling Actual Meal Portions

If you have healthy eating habits then you know how important it is to never skip meals—particularly breakfast—so you don’t overeat. You could boost the feeling of fullness and prevent yourself from overeating by drinking a couple of glasses of water before any meal.

You also have to control your portions whenever you eat. Get a bit of everything without being too generous with the portions. Then eat your food slowly. It’s tempting to wolf down all the delectable dishes you prepared but if the goal is to limit your calorie consumption to 5,000 without counting, then exercise a bit of self-control. Chew slowly; savor the food. Engage in conversation, take your time, and enjoy the meal — don’t breeze right through it!

Choosing Desserts and Sweets Smartly

Admittedly, the best part of Thanksgiving is the sweet treats. Traditionally, pumpkin pies, cakes, and pastries are a staple in Thanksgiving feasts. And if sweets make you weak in the knees, how do you stop yourself from eating more?

We recommend drinking more water to achieve the feeling of fullness. Make smart choices too. Don’t add anything to the dessert or sweets that would make it even more calorific. For example, if you decided to reward yourself with a scoop of vanilla ice cream after dinner, don’t sprinkle chocolate syrup, crushed cookies, marshmallows, or candle sprinkles on top! Rather, add fresh fruits or nuts. If you’re craving for chocolate chip cookies, then allow yourself one or half a cookie. If you are craving for sundaes, we recommend going for natural, unflavored yogurt topped with fresh fruits! It’s just as tasty. Finally, you can share your dessert with another member of the family to control your portions too.

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