Surprising Benefits and Unusual Uses for Egg Shells

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

They don’t look much, but egg shells have proven curative and nutritional benefits. The shell of a bird egg is made entirely of calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate is the same nutrient that keep the human bones healthy. According to survivalists and commercial farmers, consuming grounded egg shells protects from bone disease. Because egg shells are widely available and typically discarded, they are also a cheaper alternative to calcium supplements.

The Potential Dangers of Consuming Egg Shells

While egg shells are a rich source of dietary calcium, they may lead to food poisoning. Because eggs are left by the birds lying on the ground, the shells are often contaminated with salmonella and e.coli bacteria. One of the safest ways to take calcium from eggshells is to purchase them in pill form. You can get Pharmacopeia-approved eggshell pills from your local health food stores. Such products went through pasteurization to kill harmful microbes. The shells are boiled at 212 degrees to eliminate bacteria. Once the egg shells are treated, they are safe for consumption.

Benefits and Uses for Egg Shells

Protects from Bone Disease

Egg shells are rich in dietary calcium. This mineral prevents bone diseases and joint pain. In fact, research shows that regular consumption of calcium minimizes pain from osteoarthritis. This nutrient also keeps the joints healthy and improves mobility.

Prevents Bone Loss in Post-Menopausal Women

A 2003 research published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research found that eggshells will stop bone loss in menopausal women.

Give Your Pets a Boost of Calcium

If the calcium in egg shells is good for the human bones, it will work for your pets too! Adding pulverized egg shells to your pet’s foods will give them extra calcium for stronger bones. However, you’ll have to sterilize the eggs shells to prevent food poisoning in pets.

Cuts Coffee Acidity

Adding pulverized egg shells to coffee grounds will minimize the acidity of coffee. So instead of discarding egg shells, wash them very well then bake them. Ground the egg shells with a coffee grinder or a blender then add it to the coffee ground.

Keeps the Plants Healthy

Once you are done with the coffee ground, toss it on the plants. The combination of nitrogen from the coffee ground and calcium in egg shells will keep the plants healthy!

How to Treat and Prepare the Egg Shells

Start by boiling the egg shells for at least 15 minutes in plain water. Boiling will kill off all bacteria on the shell. Cover the egg shells with a cheese cloth then dry the egg shells under the sunlight. You can also use your oven to dry the egg shells. Place the egg shells on a baking pan and bake at 140 Fahrenheit for an hour.

Once the eggshells are dry, pulverize them using a coffee grinder. The powder is then ready for human consumption. You can either mix the egg shells in your favorite drinks or sprinkle over your favorite dishes. You can also add the pulverized egg shells on pet food or their water source.

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