Surprisingly Painless Ways to Keep the Pounds Off

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There’s nothing pain-free about desperately working out and counting calories. The fact is, weight loss doesn’t really require Herculean effort. Simply making small changes in your lifestyle is enough to win the battle against the bulge. If you need help losing weight, consider these surprisingly easy weight loss tips:

Develop the Right Mindset

Any diet or workout plan will fail if you are not mentally prepared to do it. If you want to lose weight, make sure your intentions are sound. Don’t do it just to please someone else. The change should willingly come from within.

Before trying a diet or weight loss program, find out what’s your motivation. Your intentions will fuel your desire to see through the program until the very end. If you don’t have the mindset for losing weight, then you can always start when you are finally mentally prepared. Half the battle is won if you have the right frame of mind.

Stop Subtracting Food, Add Health Foods Instead

Tired of counting calories? Depressed over restrictive diets? You don’t have to adhere to any diet fads you see on TV. Most of these diets don’t work anyway. Instead of shunning a specific food group, add wholesome foods to your diet instead.

Feel free to add healthy goodies that satisfy your cravings such as grapes, cherries, cereals, oats, and nuts. These foods could be prepared in a number of ways to make then even tastier. If you are looking for something sweet, why not dress up a plain yogurt with a handful of berries and nuts? Add fresh veggies to your all-protein lunch for a nutritious punch. There are so many ways to make diet food more appealing. Adding wholesome goodies is just one of the ways to eat healthily and cleanly.

Turning Any Physical Activities into Calorie Blasters

Let’s face it, not a lot of people are eager to work out. And if the word “exercise” always inspire you to make a creative excuse then avoid it. You don’t have to get a gym membership to stay fit. Most people don’t exercise because they hate the concept of it. Maybe changing your perception about physical activities will inspire you to lose weight.

Start by looking for alternative ways to burn calories. Dance while you’re doing chores, ride bikes with the kids, walk the dog or play Frisbee. Stretch those legs while watching TV, do squats during commercial breaks. Squeeze a few minutes of your time moving around. Add those moments up and you just torched a lot of calories.


Do not underestimate the weight loss powers of walking. It’s the easiest way to keep the body fit. Even a five-minute walk burns a lot of calories. We recommend a minimum of the 30-minute walk. You can increase the intensity by doing extra movements like brisk walking, shooting hoops or skipping rope after walking or taking your pet out to play fetch. These activities might not look like it, but they torch a lot of calories too.

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