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An Overview of the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet

3-day fad diets are usually regarded as unhealthy rapid weight loss programs. On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic brand is often associated with evidence-based diets that work quickly but safely. One of the most popular 3-day diets is associated with the Mayo Clinic brand although it has nothing to do with the health-care system in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic …

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An Introduction to the 3-Day Tuna Diet: Does it Work?

The 3-day tuna diet is a rapid weight loss program that involves a unique combination of food and canned tuna to lose weight. There are conflicting infos in terms of who developed this program. One of the proponents of this program is Dave Draper, a professional body builder. According to Draper, he always sticks to this diet to prepare his …

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