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Amazing Facts About Coffee Worth Knowing

Coffee is without a doubt, the most popular brewed drink in the world. Coffee is made with roasted coffee beans of the coffea plant, which is native to Africa and Southeast Asia. The drink is high in caffeine, a stimulant that boosts mental alertness and enhances performance. Millions of gallons of coffee are drunk every day since it was discovered …

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6 Signs of Sugar Addiction

Consuming too much sugar is detrimental to the health. Excessive sugar causes an unnatural spike in the blood glucose level, causing intense cravings, hunger pangs, and eventually, weight problems and chronic disease. Sugar addiction is no different to drug addiction. Once you habitually snack on sweets, it is hard to stop. The key towards overcoming any addiction is acceptance and …

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Pagophagia: Understanding the Addiction to Ice

Pagophagia refers to an intense craving for eating and chewing ice. This condition is part of the medical term “pica.” Pica describes the craving and chewing of substances with zero nutritional value. These substances include paper, chalk – and even clay and soil. Pica is often triggered by underlying emotional problems. Usually, those with obsessive-compulsive disorder or developmental disorders develop …

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Natural Opioids – Food Addiction Explained

Do you constantly find yourself hungry and looking for something to eat? Perhaps you eat a lot and are getting out of hand? If you do then you might be suffering from food addiction. You might be asking, is it even possible to be addicted to food? Of course! If you are suffering from constant food cravings then this article …

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What’s the Best Treatment for Tobacco Addiction?

Giving up tobacco is a challenging undertaking for most people. Some people are able to quit smoking cold turkey, but most people need a little help when it comes to kicking the habit. What’s really the best remedy for smoking addiction? According to a new study, the best treatment may be a combination of a nicotine patch and nicotine lozenge. …

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