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How Food Additives Affect Food Safety

Most health experts advise against consuming processed foods because these foodstuffs are loaded with a cocktail of additives that are toxic to human health. Food additive refers to a chemical added to the food during preparation or storage to achieve a specific technical effect. These effects may include lengthier shelf life, improved color, or enhanced flavors. Below are the most …

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Can Genes Affect Weight Loss and Fitness?

Ever wonder how you keep gaining weight despite doing almost everything right? Are some people predestined to become fat while others are genetically gifted to maintain their figure despite their enormous appetite? According to several scientific researches, our genetic makeup plays a minor role in fitness and weight loss. Also known as “fat genes,” some people are more likely to …

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How Do Poor Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Weight?

It’s no secret than the poor lifestyle choices we make every day affect our health. Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic diseases including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. But how can our lifestyle choices affect our weight? Let’s see how lifestyle factors can influence our weight and health: Cigarette Smoking Most smokers are convinced that …

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How Different Types of Water Affect Your Hair

Ever wonder why your hair seems to respond well to certain types of water? How at times the hair becomes inexplicably slimy and other days, it’s so frizzy and dry? Tap water is often treated with chemicals that may affect the structure of your hair. And in today’s post, we are listing down the most common types of water, how …

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How Losing Weight Affects You Emotionally

Losing weight has its own health and physical benefits. You feel better, healthier and lighter. You are more conscious about the food you eat. You are no longer depending on food to make yourself feel better. But there are emotional benefits of losing weight to consider too! You see, losing weight isn’t just about transforming yourself physically. Your newfound confidence …

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How Nerve Damage Affects the Body

Nerve damage is a progressive injury sustained in the nervous tissue. There are many variations of damages in the nerves, depending on the located of the affected area. There are three types of nerve damage: Neuropraxia, Axonotmesis, and Neurotmesis. Neuropraxia is less severe of the three nerve damage types. It’s caused by an interruption in the conduction of impulses within …

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