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Spider Veins: Overview, Signs & Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Spider veins refer to small, dilated blood vessels that develop around the face, nose, and chin. Spider veins also develop on the legs, especially on the upper thigh, below the knee joints, and around the ankles. The blood vessels twist and turn, causing red, purple, and blue patchwork of discoloration on the skin. This condition is caused by excessive pressure …

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Is Plyometrics Training Right For Me? 5 Factors to Consider Before Signing Up

Plyometrics training is comprised of a series of exercises that boost explosive power. This is an intense fitness program aimed at boosting the muscle’s tolerance for increased stretch loads. Plyometrics training is often used in conjunction with other power development workout to develop maximum strength and power in one fitness program. Because this workout requires serious commitment, it’s not for …

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