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The Risks and Side Effects of Derma Fillers

As we age, the face loses its natural volume. The overall effect of volume loss is aged, wrinkled skin. Derma fillers are a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure that “fills out” the deep wrinkles of the skin. And implant is injected directly under the skin to add volume to the chin or cheeks to restore youthfulness, skin fullness and correct …

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Dealing with Drug Side Effects

From painkillers to prescription medication, all drugs come with side effects. Some of the side effects are subtle, but others are downright dangerous. Usually, the gastrointestinal system is affected from a drug side effect. Virtually all medication can cause stomach cramps, ulcer or nausea. But other drugs can cause hives, skin irritation and other adverse effects. Common Drugs Side Effects …

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The Risks and Benefits of Aspirin

Aspirin is an analgesic drug that soothes minor aches and pains. It works by reducing inflammation and bringing the body temperature down in case of a fever. Health experts also use aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. Unfortunately, taking aspirin presents a number of health risks too! And in today’s post, we are listing down the risks …

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The Pros and Cons of Glutathione Whitening Pills

Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body through the liver. This compound is comprised of three amino acids: glycine, cystein and glutamic acid. Just like any antioxidants, glutathione protects the body from oxidative stress. However, concentrated dose of glutathione taken daily has a side effect: it can lighten the skin and even out the complexion. …

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The Side Effects of Valerian Root

Valerian root is an herb derived from the Valerian plant. The valerian plant is native to Europe and certain parts of Asia. The herb has been used for centuries as an anticonvulsant, migraine treatment, and pain reliever. Although the valerian root is used in a variety of treatments, it’s prized for its calming, sedative-like effects. Using this herb is relatively …

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