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Salt Therapy for Respiratory Relief

Salt therapy is a form of alternative medicine that treats respiratory ailments using salt. This healing method is based on a Polish practice of immersing patients in mineral water in the 12th century. As the name implies, salt therapy utilizes dry salt to treat various ailments. It works by exposing the patient to a room covered in salt (salt caves, …

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The Benefits of Tai Chi to Respiratory Health

Tai Chi is an ancient form of meditation that strengthens the mind and the body. It involves slow, flowing movements to strengthen the muscles, stretch the ligaments, and improve balance and coordination. This practice was initially developed for self-defense. Eventually, tai chi became a form of meditation in motion. Dozens of studies confirm that tai chi is beneficial to the …

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The Many Benefits of Going to the Spa

A day in the spa is one way to melt the stress away. But did you know a regular visit to the spa is good for your health too? Spa therapy is comprised of various body, hair and skin treatments, each one designed to address issues related to stress. For example, yoga is meant to soothe frayed nerves while massage …

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