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Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets to Try at Home

Ever wonder why the skin of Indian women looks lit from within? Or how their tresses always look shiny, bouncy and full of life? It’s no surprise that India is one of the first civilizations to harness the power of herbs and spices, creating natural beauty products that truly work. You will never use store-bought skincare products again once you …

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Beauty Tips from Ancient Greece

Long before hi-tech creams and moisturizers were invented, the women of ancient Greece have their own ingenious ways to maintain their skin. In fact, ancient Greece had a bustling beauty industry long before other civilizations caught on! And you’d be surprised to know that these olden beauty methods are still being utilized today. In this post, we are listing down …

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Reiki: An Introduction to Ancient Healing

Reiki refers to a Japanese art of healing and reducing stress. This ancient technique is applied by “laying on hands.” The concept behind reiki healing is to utilize the life force energy, allowing the body to heal from within and restoring vigor. If a person’s life force is weak, it’ll lead to chronic diseases. If the life force is high, …

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