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Controlling Weight with Agar

Agar is a type of jelly-like substance extracted from algae. It was discovered in the 17th century by Mino Tarōzaemon. Agar is derived from the supporting structure in the cell walls of algae. This is released through boiling. Agar is typically used in desserts. It’s also a vegetable substitute for gelatin. It can thicken soups, preserve fruits or be a …

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Food and Enzymes That Suppresses Appetite Naturally

It’s hard to keep your diet on the right track when you’re constantly craving for sweet, salty, or savory treats! And when the stomach is constantly grumbling, you can’t help but eat more. According to scientists, when the body senses that food is in short supply, it will start excreting the hunger hormone known as ghrelin. Ghrelin is not only …

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Eating Protein Bars: Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Eating protein bars is popular among athletes as a quick meal or a snack before heading off to the gym. One reason so many active people choose protein bars over other snacks is because the high protein helps to suppress the appetite – and eliminate the gnawing hunger that sends them to the refrigerator for a bite to eat. Is …

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