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5 Effective Crunch Moves to Blast Stubborn Belly Fat

There is nothing quite like basic crunch exercises to blast pesky belly fat and love handles. When done right, crunches can help you develop rock hard abs! Apart from being easy, crunch exercises are effective. No need to use pricey gym equipment to tone and sculpt the midsection! In today’s post, we are listing some of the best crunch moves …

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Weight Loss Tips to Lose that Belly Before Christmas

For most people, December feels like a huge party comprised of seemingly endless stream of dinner parties with friends, family, and colleagues. And there’s nothing wrong about that! Unfortunately, all the merrymaking could cause significant weight gain before the actual Christmas starts. So how do you lose weight before December comes rolling in and still have an amazing time? Consider …

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5 Ways Belly Fat Can Turn Deadly

Where the body stores fat can determine your risk for developing chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity and heart disease. And between fat around the thighs and midsection, health experts say that belly fat is more dangerous. Unlike fat around the legs and thighs, a fatty belly increases your risk of cardiac disorders. In today’s post, we reveal ways how a …

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Why You Should Lose the Belly Fat Right NOW

Did you know that an average American carries around 30 billion of fat cells and that most of the fat cells are concentrated on the belly? Fat cells do not just expand your girth, it can cause chronic diseases by disrupting various biological processes. In many ways, a defined waistline is indicative of better health. When you are in control …

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6 Super Simple At-Home Moves to Burn Belly Fat

Frustrated over your expanding waistline? Contrary to popular belief, you cannot crunch your way into a flat, toned stomach. Crunching and sit-ups will only put a lot of strain on the spine! Instead of doing hundreds of backbreaking crunches every day to eliminate pesky belly fat, try these simple, fat-burning belly workouts at home: 1. The Lunge Twist The lunge …

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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Your Belly Fat

You’ve been eating balanced meals and working out. But still, your belly rolls won’t go away. What could you be doing wrong? In today’s post, we are listing down hidden reasons for that belly fat: 1. You’re Magnesium-Deficient Magnesium deficiency is linked to the accumulation of belly fat. It can also cause weight gain! Magnesium supports more than 300 body …

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10 Best Ways to Lose That Belly Fat

Been dreaming of having washboard abs but don’t know when to start? Unfortunately, people don’t just wake up to abs of steel. There are a number of things that could lead to a bloated stomach, including not getting enough exercise, excessive love for beer, or even the lack of sleep. So how do you achieve amazing abs without spending weeks …

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Lose That Belly With One Of These Amazing Fitness Tricks

Physical fitness is much a lot more than merely seeming tonne and healthy. Additionally, it encompasses the quality of lifestyle, in addition to longevity. Educate an attitude that supports a wholesome change in the way you live. The suggestions in this essay will offer you an abundance of info on how best to enhance your fitness. A terrific tool that …

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