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All Natural Remedies for Bleeding Hemorrhoid or Piles

Hemorrhoidal disease – simply known as hemorrhoids – is a condition wherein the vascular structures in the anal canal become inflamed. Usually, hemorrhoids help ease bowel movement. But when the hemorrhoids become inflamed, they become painful and swollen. Unless the condition is serious, hemorrhoids are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. But for those who want to treat this condition …

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DIY Cayenne Tincture

Cayenne is a spicy pepper that belongs to the nightshade family. Technically, cayenne is a fruit but in cooking, it’s used similarly like other vegetables and as seasoning. Because it’s loaded with oleoresin capsaicin, cayenne offers a myriad of health benefits. Oleoresin capsaicin helps release neurotransmitter substance-p into the bloodstream. Substance-p helps prevent depression by stabilizing the mood and relieving …

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Loving Your New Nose: After-Nose Job Recovery Tips

Not everyone is born with a cute button nose. For those who feel that their nose shape is not flattering at all, plastic surgery is the only way to achieve a perfectly-shaped nose. Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure that alters a patient’s natural nose shape permanently. It can be dome inside the nose or by making small incisions …

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Bleeding in Early Pregnancy: Should You Be Worried?

Vaginal bleeding when you’re expecting might sound scary but it’s actually extremely common especially during the first trimester. However, such incident should never be ignored. If you experienced vaginal bleeding, it’s important to check whether it’s actual bleeding or spotting. If the discharge is pink or brown in color, similar to what you get at the end of your period, …

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How to Fix a Broken Nose

A broken nose is a fracture of the nasal bones. It’s often caused by damage to the nasal cartilage, particularly the nasal septum —the flexible part of the nose that divides the left side of the nose to the right side of the nose. A broken nose occurs when the face is unprotected from impacts due to accidents, violence, or …

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