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Reasons to Use Foam Roller to Prep the Body Before and After Working Out

A foam roller is a piece of equipment coated with soft foam. This equipment is used for self-massage or self-myofascial release. The roller helps reduce inflammation, eases joint pain and enhances flexibility. Although a foam roller is used as self-massage equipment, it is quite useful as a pre and post workout massager. Apart from soothing tired muscles, a foam roller …

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Secret of the Islands Salt Scrubs: Is It Worth the Money?

Secret of the Islands is a salt scrub company that offers “all-natural” bath products. The salt scrubs have a soybean oil base and fine salt that slough off dead skin cells. Although the company started with a single product, the salt scrub, Secrets of the Islands gradually grew its product line to include lotions, bath soaks, bath salts, accessories, and …

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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen is not just an average fruit. It’s packed with essential nutrients and antioxidant, making it a venerable superfruit! Mangosteen is a type of tropical tree native to Southeast Asia and South America. The tree bears edible fruits with purple rind and white, soft flesh. Mangosteen is not as popular as orange and apples in the west, but this fruit …

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Eat Dark Chocolate for Sweeter Sex

We all love chocolate! It’s sweet and can be found anywhere. It’s one of the best comfort food (unless you are allergic) there is. In fact, it is one of those foods that many people love. There are many kinds of chocolate out there but dark chocolates have proven to be the best and can greatly give you the best …

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