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The Health Benefits of Durian: The King of All Fruits

Durian is a type of tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. On the outside, the fruit has a tough rind with greenish brown spikes. The edible flesh of the fruit is sweet with a custard-like texture. The fruit also emits a pungent smell that could be off-putting to some. In Asia, durian is dubbed …

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Weight Loss Benefits of Green Coffee

Green coffee is made up of unroasted, unprocessed coffee beans, hence the characteristically “green” color. Green coffee tastes similarly like its roasted counterpart, but it contains higher antioxidants because the beans are raw. In addition, green coffee is a proven fat burner. Studies show that taking green coffee regularly helps reduce stored fat and boosts the metabolic rate. Curious to …

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Amazing Changes the Mind and Body Go Through After Losing Weight

When you lose a lot of weight, clothes fit better. You feel lighter, stronger, and healthier. But the changes you feel aren’t just skin-deep. There is more to losing weight than being more confident about your body! The body’s biological makeup literally changes for the better too! In today’s post, we are listing down the amazing changes within your body …

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