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The Weight Loss Benefits of Wu Yi Tea

Wu Yi tea is a type of tea grown in the Wu Yi Mountains. Studies show that drinking Wu Yi tea helps improve health and even trigger faster weight loss. The tea is packed with a host of nutrients that improves mental alertness, boosts energy, and facilitates fat burning. In today’s post, we are exploring the amazing weight loss benefits …

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How Cinnamon Pills Can Help You Lose Weight

Cinnamon is a type of aromatic spice used in cooking as well as flavoring for desserts and baked goods. This spice is derived from a plant that belongs to the genus Cinnamomum, which is native to India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In folk medicine, this ancient spice is used as a treatment for infection, inflammation, and other health maladies. Certain studies …

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Facts About Watercress Health Benefits

Watercress is a type of semi-aquatic perennial herb that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. It’s native to Europe and Asia. Watercress is regarded as one of the oldest leaf vegetables consumed by human beings. It’s cultivated for its delicate flavor and its powerful medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Watercress is usually found in moist environments. It thrives in slow-running streams and …

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Surprising Superfood: Health Benefits of Butter

For decades, butter has been receiving a lot of flak because it’s deemed as unhealthy; the root cause of heart disease and obesity. But believe it or not, health experts and scientists alike are now changing their tune. In fact, some consider butter as “health food” or even “super food.” So just how super is butter? It seems the media …

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