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DIY Treatments for Uplifted, Firm Skin

Sun damage, aging, and environmental stress contributes to saggy, wrinkled skin. Although there is no beauty product on earth that can truly banish wrinkles and eliminate sagginess, these DIY treatments and facial exercises are sure to take years off your face: Face Massage Massaging the facial skin helps boost blood flow, slough off dead skin cells, and rejuvenate the skin. …

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Shape Up and Slim Down With These 8 Delicious Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

A good breakfast smoothie should provide all the nutrients you need for the day without the unwanted calories. Forget about store-bought smoothies. These drinks are loaded with sweeteners, preservatives and fattening ingredients. In today’s post, we are listing down delicious, refreshing slimming smoothies you can prepare during the AM: 1. Mango and Avocado Smoothie ¼ cup mango, cut into cubes …

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