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Painless Ways for Busy Bodies to Lose Weight

In between work and family responsibilities, it’s hard to squeeze an extra hour for exercise. But making little changes in your home-work routine could help you lose weight! In fact, there are plenty of ways to lose weight even if you have a tight schedule. In today’s post, we are dishing out practical ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle for …

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Ectomorph: Definition and the Best Training for Your Body Type

Ectomorph refers to a body type characterized by a skinny, tall frame, longer limbs, and small bones. Those who belong to this body type have very little body fat and muscles. Other defining characteristics of this group is a linear frame, small buttocks, and chest as well as fast metabolic rate leading to difficulty in gaining weight or muscle mass. …

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How to Change Your Body Composition Through Exercise

It’ll take a lot of work, but you can change your body composition. The fact is, the number you see on the scale is not important. At least not when you are tracking your body composition. What you see on the scale does not reflect your body composition at all. And in fitness, the body composition is an important part …

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Chris Powell’s Total Body Transformation Workout

If you love success stories of body transformations then you might be familiar with Chris Powell. A former DJ, Chris Powell became known as the host of TLC’s Extreme Weight Loss and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. He is an accomplished fitness instructor who focuses on helping morbidly obese individuals lose weight and gain control of their lives. A testament …

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Zeltiq Body Contour: Does it Really Clear Cellulites and Aid in Weight Loss?

Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. is a medical equipment company that manufactures the CoolSculpting System. This tool is used to hasten weight loss and remove cellulite. It runs on “cold technology” that was recently approved by the FDA. The Zeltiq body contouring procedure promises non-invasive way to slim down and banish cellulite. According to a Zeltiq rep, over time, using this tool …

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Adrenal Type: Eating According to Your Body Type

In a book authored by Elliot D. Abravanel and Elizabeth King Morrison, there are four kinds of body types. These body types are: Thyroid Type, Pituitary Type, Adrenal Type and Gonad Type. By knowing your body type and adopting a diet that corresponds to it, you can maximize weight loss. Elliot D. Abravanel developed different diet plans that address the …

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Toning and Training Weak Body Parts

A well-rounded fitness routine is important to achieve a powerful physique overall. You just can’t choose one specific body part to tone. If you do, you will not build strength on your weaker body parts. The end result wouldn’t be balanced as well. It’s normal for other muscle groups to develop faster than others. But don’t let this stop you …

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Dieting According to Your Body Type

Most types of diet programs rely on banning certain food groups to promote weight loss. For example, Atkins diet requires more animal protein as opposed to carbohydrates to lose weight. But there are some diet programs that work to a specific body type. Such diets include the one developed by Elliot D. Abravanel and Elizabeth King Morrison. This diet program …

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Toning The Body From Head to Toe

Fitness is all about targeting the right muscle groups to tone and define. You don’t have to spend all day in the gym to tone the body from head to toe. In today’s post, we are listing down simple exercises that will target major muscles groups. These exercises will help you achieve the proper form faster: Side Kick Squats The …

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