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Burpees: The Best Whole Body Workout?

What’s a burpee and how can it help you whip your body back into shape? A burpee is a four-step workout that targets virtually all major muscle groups in the body with the exception of the back. In essence, burpee is a cardio exercise. How to Perform a Burpee Step 1: In a squat position, put your hands on the …

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15 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

You’ve practically made the gym your second home. Day in and day out (okay, so maybe just a few times every week) you spend a good amount of your time on routine workouts. After a few weeks of sticking to a regular exercise regimen, you managed to lose weight. And for a while, you were happy with the results. That …

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Why Body Fat Percentage is More Important Than Body Weight

It’s common for most dieters to keep an eye on the weighing scale when trying to lose weight. Of course, having a goal weight is important if you want to achieve a trimmer, healthier body. But lower weight isn’t everything! The amount of body fat you have in your body is so much more important to track than the numbers …

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Does Protein Help You Lose Weight

Most dieters tend to stay away from carbohydrates because it’s been unfairly deemed as “fattening.” True, certain types of carbs are fattening (like white bread, white rice, etc.) but there are certain types of carbs that are good for dieters too. Most dieters prefer a high-protein, low-carb diet. But is a high-protein diet really the best way to lose weight? …

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Now

With the holidays behind us, along with all of the indulging and celebrations that go along with it, it’s time once again to think about shedding that extra weight. Holiday pounds are easy to put on and take longer to get off. But fortunately changes can be made to your lifestyle that will keep them off for good. It starts …

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Full Body Workouts vs. Traditional Exercise Machines

Despite the health and obesity issues plaguing western society, the world is bombarded with images of physical perfection. Be it the cosmetic industry, the fashion industry, or the organic foods industry, people are obsessed with bodily perfection. Unfortunately, few if any are born with inherent characteristics that make them models of athleticism. This does not mean that people are not …

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Airport Security Scanners: Do They Put Your Health at Risk?

Is airport scanner radiation a threat to your health? Most people would prefer not to be hit with a dose of radiation before boarding a plane – both for the inconvenience and the fear of the potential health risks. But are you really getting significant radiation exposure when you pass through an airport security scanner? Airport Scanner Radiation and Radiation …

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