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Bodybuilding on the Cheap: It’s Possible!

It takes more than unshakeable determination and discipline to sculpt the physique. You are also bound to dedicate time and money transforming your body. But for those who are working on a limited budget, it’s quite possible to build muscles without spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships, supplements, fitness equipment and protein shakes. In today’s post, we are listing …

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A Skinny Guy’s Guide to Bodybuilding

While most people worry about being soft around the middle, skinny men tend to struggle with increasing muscle mass. Skinny people tend to have very lean muscles, smaller bones and very little body fat. As such, naturally lanky men have to play by different rules to sculpt their bodies. And most times, the plan isn’t focused on training at all …

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12 Bodybuilding Tips for Complete Beginners

There could be many reasons why you may have chosen to take up bodybuilding apart from the obvious one, which is to pack on serious muscle mass – maybe you just want to tone up and lose weight, maybe you want to give yourself more ‘presence’ when playing another sport, such as football or hockey. Perhaps you are over 40 …

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