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All About Mouthwash: Which Formula is The Best For You

A mouth rinse or mouthwash is a liquid that freshens breath and “prevents” oral problems. While some people do not stop at just brushing and flossing, others are wary of using a mouthwash. If you cannot imagine forgoing a little rinse after flossing then you know mouthwash come in various flavors and formulas. How do you know which ones are …

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All-Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Any social situation gets even more awkward when you have bad breath. Halitosis is characterized by an unpleasant odor on the exhaled breath. It’s caused by bacteria in the gum line, on the back of the tongue and in between teeth. Bad breath is usually caused by oral problems. But there are times when bad breath is triggered by other …

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The Case of Halitosis: Tips on How to Keep Your Breath Fresh

If there’s one embarrassing condition to have, it’s having bad breath. Yuck. Who would want to be suffering from that? I know I don’t! The thing is, some people are not conscious about this. Some even go for days without brushing their teeth! Wouldn’t it be gross if you kiss someone with bad breath? Or if you kiss someone and …

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