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The Risks and Side Effects of Derma Fillers

As we age, the face loses its natural volume. The overall effect of volume loss is aged, wrinkled skin. Derma fillers are a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure that “fills out” the deep wrinkles of the skin. And implant is injected directly under the skin to add volume to the chin or cheeks to restore youthfulness, skin fullness and correct …

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Red and Itchy Vaginal Bumps: 6 Possible Causes and Treatments

If you find yourself squirming in your seat because you feel an intense, uncomfortable itching “down there,” the first thing that comes to mind is sexually transmitted disease or STD. While one should not eliminate the possibility of contracting STD, especially if you’re having unprotected sex, there could be less serious causes for red, itchy vaginal bumps. What are Itchy, …

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