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How a Good Night’s Sleep Promotes Faster Weight Loss

When it comes to slimming down, nothing works as effectively as exercising + dieting. But did you know having a restful sleep every night can also shrink the waistline? So how can catching much-needed zzzs every night speeds up weight loss? Let’s find out: Curbs Late Night Snacking Getting a solid 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night reduces …

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Fat-Burning Strategies that Work

One of the best ways to burn off fat is to change old habits that are only causing you to lose your battle against the bulge! How to do that? Try a more straightforward approach to weight loss. In today’s post, we are listing down ways to slim down and torch fat for good: Set a Realistic Goal It is …

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How Protein Supplements Boost Your Weight Loss Potentials

Protein supplements are a type of bodybuilding supplement used to increase weight, induce muscle growth and improve athletic performance. These supplements are typically made from whey, which is a milk protein, a by-product of cheese making. Studies show that whey protein contains the highest level of protein digestibility corrected amino acid score or PDCAA. PDCAA is the measure of protein …

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Top Tips for Round the Clock Fat-Burning

Losing the extra weight might not be easy but there are so many ways to increase your own body’s fat-burning abilities! Want to achieve the best shape of your life? Consider these amazing tips for round the clock fat burning: Smart Snacking Who says snacking is fattening? You can keep the pounds off by snacking on low-calorie foods throughout the …

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6 of the Best Essential Oils to Burn off Fat and Boost Weight Loss

When it comes to boosting weight loss, nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise. But essential oils may also provide a lasting, positive impact on your weight loss efforts! From suppressing the appetite to triggering fat loss, these amazing essential oils are guaranteed to increase your weight loss potentials: 1. Grapefruit Oil The zingy scent of food-grade grapefruit oil can …

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6 Super Simple At-Home Moves to Burn Belly Fat

Frustrated over your expanding waistline? Contrary to popular belief, you cannot crunch your way into a flat, toned stomach. Crunching and sit-ups will only put a lot of strain on the spine! Instead of doing hundreds of backbreaking crunches every day to eliminate pesky belly fat, try these simple, fat-burning belly workouts at home: 1. The Lunge Twist The lunge …

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Fascinating Facts about Fats You Probably Didn’t Know

We cannot live on lean muscles alone. We need fat to store and expend energy. Fat is one of the most basic components of the human body. And just like nerves and organs, the body needs fat to work properly. Types of Fat There are two types of body fat: essential or brown fat and storage or yellow fat. In …

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5 Ways to Optimize Fat Burning and Lose More Weight!

It’s hard to keep the weight down when your metabolic rate is working against you. But don’t fret! There are ways to maximize your body’s daily fat burning. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to lose more weight in half the time: 1. Start Your Morning with a Glass of Water Research shows that drinking a glass …

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12 Foods That Boost Your Calorie Burn

One of the most common problems of people is obesity. It cannot just make you feel bad and uncomfortable, but it can greatly affect your health as you will be exposed to a higher risk of diseases. How can you be healthier and at the same time how can bring you back in shape? Here are the 12 foods that …

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