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Tips and Tricks to Grow Thick, Lush Lashes Naturally

We all want thick, long lashes, but not everyone is blessed with amazing lashes. Good thing there are home remedies and simple beauty tricks you can use to achieve naturally long, fluttery lashes! Castor Oil It’s not an old wives tale, castor oil really is one of the most effective remedies for thin, sparse lashes. Just dab a little hexane-free …

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All Natural Remedies and Treatments for Bursitis

Bursitis is a type of inflammatory condition that affects the small sacs of synovial fluid in the body. These sacs of bursa rest near the tendons and across the bones. They work to minimize friction and create a smooth movement of the limbs. When the bursa becomes inflamed, movement becomes painful and limited. Although this condition is easily treated with …

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