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Zeltiq Body Contour: Does it Really Clear Cellulites and Aid in Weight Loss?

Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. is a medical equipment company that manufactures the CoolSculpting System. This tool is used to hasten weight loss and remove cellulite. It runs on “cold technology” that was recently approved by the FDA. The Zeltiq body contouring procedure promises non-invasive way to slim down and banish cellulite. According to a Zeltiq rep, over time, using this tool …

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Common Causes of Cellulites

Cellulite is a condition wherein certain parts of the skin take on a lumpy, dimpled appearance. Also known as adiposis edematosa, cellulite occurs when fatty tissues accumulate under the skin—usually in the lower parts of the body—causing the surface of the skin to resemble that of an orange peel. Although cellulite does not pose harm in the body, it could …

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