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Facts You Need to Know About Food Irradiation

Food irradiation is a type of food processing technique that exposes food to ionizing radiation. This technology is designed to kill bacteria in food as well as to lengthen its shelf life. Food irradiation is very similar to pasteurization of dairy products. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved food irradiation as an effective method to boost food safety. …

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How Sleep-Deprivation is Making You Fat!

If you’re not getting enough sleep every night, you’re setting yourself up for weight gain! Lack of sleep is linked to an increased risk of obesity and metabolic issues. Apart from sabotaging your weight loss efforts, sleep deprivation can also cause a wide range of ailments. Don’t let the lack of sleep get in the way of achieving the best …

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5 Reasons Why You Suck at Exercising

Ever wonder why you’ve been working out for months and you’re still not seeing results? What could you be doing wrong? In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why you suck at working out: 1. You’re not Committed Enough Why do you want to stay fit in the first place? To look good in a suit? To be accepted …

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