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The Curative Effects of Chinese Massage Therapy

Oriental massage therapy has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM as far back as 722 BC. Medical texts, history books, and ancient medicine recorded various massage techniques to cure a variety of health maladies. Chinese massage therapy also bridged the gap between spirituality, healing, and martial arts. Usually, Chinese massage therapy brings together all the elements of …

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Wines That Go Well with Popular Chinese Dishes

In Europe, food and wine are eaten together to enhance each other’s flavors. But in Asia, spirits are often made with grain-based ingredients and are not usually paired with complete meals but rather, appetizers and even street foods. Although wine and Chinese dishes are worlds apart in geography and history, they make a surprisingly tasty combination! Generally, choices for wine …

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Treating Seasonal Allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs

Summer season is upon us and with that comes hay fever and seasonal allergy attacks. Contrary to popular belief, pollen, dust, and other irritants do not cause seasonal allergies. In fact, outside elements do not cause seasonal allergies at all. Our own reactive immune system is responsible for all the telltale signs of seasonal allergies. A reactive immune system would …

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Uncovering the Weight Loss Secrets of the Chinese

The average Chinese diet is loaded with white rice, noodles, fried meats and rich sauces.  Chinese cuisine isn’t exactly figure-friendly but why are most Chinese so slim? How can they stay skinny and eat so much carbs? More importantly, how can you apply these dietary secrets to staying in shape? In today’s post, we are uncovering the dietary and fitness …

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